End of 2016…

It’s been another fantastic year and I just wanted to take a moment to say thanks to all of my students and their parents for being so easy to work with and for making my job seem… well, not really like a job!

Sure there are the logistical nightmares that sometimes occur, but on the whole I feel very lucky to have such a great number of students who are both cool people and great drummers.

As much as I push you to be good on the drums, reputation is as important as being a good player, always remember that and keep the ego in check and you’ll be fine.

Back to the “year in review” and some of you I have been teaching now for many years and have seen you grow into genuinely funny people!

Others are now in GCSE years and to those juggling both, the fact you have managed to get solid results in your graded exams alongside the pressures of GCSE’s is impressive, well done!

To the new students, of which there are a good few this year; you are all showing great promise with your playing, some of you taking to things quicker than others but if you work hard you can definitely progress and achieve great things.  “Talent” is a misnomer, being successful just comes down to putting the time in and going for it, then getting out there and networking.

Exam Results 2016

It’s time for the roll of honour! I’m really proud to say we have a 100% hit rate in exams this year, everyone passed and mostly high grades with a merit or distinction!

A massive well done to:

James Sneddon, Grades 2 and 3

Josh Livingstone, Grade 6

Michael Freebury, Grades 6 and 7

Dylan Butcher, Grade 6

Joe Brandwood, Grade 7

Alex Thomson, Grade 7

I would have liked this list to have been longer and in 2017 I am sure it will be as I plan to kick some butt. (You have been warned).


Memories of 2016

For me 2016 was a good year as far as meeting some idols and making some new connections.

I managed to catch up with Chris Coleman at the London Drum Show, for whom I worked as driver and teach last year on the clinic tour. Sitting up and sharing a beer with someone as respected and knowledgeable as Chris is amazing and I’m lucky I have that kind of relationship with someone like him.

This year’s clinic tour also gave me an opportunity to drive and tech for Keith Carlock, an incredible player from the US who plays with Steely Dan and has performed with John Mayer, Toto and a bunch of others.

Another big drumming highlight was seeing my favourite player and all around nice guy Benny Greb at his clinic in Fareham, which a number of you also came along to. What a show!

Take the opportunities to chat with these guys every chance you get, their knowledge is invaluable.

Lastly, I’ve started a drumming vlog again. It’s a mix of practise ideas and drums covers, hosted on my YouTube. Feel free to come check it out.

I’ll stop rambling now and just say this, thanks again and here’s to a barn storming 2017!

Rob xx


Three Letter Agency

TLA is original band, based in Newbury and Reading we have been together in the current form since summer 2016 and have recently played a BBC Introducing slot in Reading at the Purple Turtle.

TLA Website

TLA Facebook

Dr. Vegas

Having gone through a few line up changes, the current Dr. Vegas is very much a function and wedding band with a set of classic and modern pop, funk, soul and disco tunes.

We're available to book for weddings and private functions.

Vegas Website

Vegas Facebook

The Push

What with Vegas heading down a less rock heavy route, I found myself at the then of 2015 rehearsing and jamming with some rock loving guys in Newbury.

A year down the line and we're playing gigs laden with classic and heavy rock tunes from the likes of "Thin Lizzy", "Thunder" and Rage Against the Machine".

The Push Facebook