Chart of the Week

Each week I am trying to write a chart for a big tune, usually one I have a backing track for from years of collecting magazines and various online sites that do custom tracks. If you're looking for backing tracks for yourself, check out or

When I have time I also try and record a little video which I share on social media (links in the footer).

Below are the first handful, but if you have a suggestion, let me know!

COTW #1 - Blondie - "One Way or Another"

COTW #2 - Rage Against the Machine - "Bombtrack"

COTW #3 - Reel Big Fish - "Sell Out"

COTW #4 - Camila Cabello - "Havana"

COTW #5 - Feeder - "Seven Days in the Sun"

COTW #6 - Metallica - "Nothing Else Matters"

COTW #7 - Bruno Mars - "Locked Out of Heaven"

COTW #8 - Fleetwood Mac - "The Chain"

COTW #9 - The Roots - The Seed (2.0)

COTW #10 - Toto - Hold the Line

COTW #11 - Foo Fighters - Pretender

COTW #12 - No Doubt - Don't Speak