Having studied with a number of great players/teachers including Mike Dolbear, Dom Famularo, Thomas Lang, Ash Soan, Stanton Moore and Billy Ward (among others), I've gained a lot of knowledge over the years. This combined with my communication skills from my years as a radio presenter, has enabled me to carve out a successful career for myself as a teacher. 

I've now been teaching the drums since 2004 and have seen many students grow as both players and human beings in the process. It's not just a way of making a living, being a teacher is more than that, it's a passion, a skill set and something that a good teacher does for all of the non-financial rewards.

In the past I've taught children from as young as 5 years old up to grown men entering retirement. A lesson is a different thing to each individual and I always try to remember that with my students. Finding out what it is they are looking to get from the whole experience and tailoring lessons to that is an important element of teaching for me.


Teaching CV:

  • Private tutor since 2004
  • Glenthorne High School Sutton. Summer term 2014 to Summer term 2015
  • Everest Community Academy Basingstoke. Spring term 2011 to Summer 2015
  • Richard Taunton 6th Form College Southampton. School year Sept. 2010 - June 2011 (covering sabbatical)
  • St. Georges Catholic College Southampton. School year Sept. 2010 - June 2011 (covering sabbatical)
  • In house drum tutor at Fret Music in Southampton 2008-2012
  • I have also put together workshops for students over the school holidays and have been involved in the Young Drummer of the Year competition, running the audition booth at the London Drum Show in 2013. 

For more information on drum lessons please use the contact button in the menu and check out the F.A.Q's. below.



Q: How old do you have to be to start drums?

A: There's no age limit as such. I have taught kids as young as five, however at that early age some kids are more capable of retaining information than others. 

Although I don't rule out teaching younger students, it can be a case of trial and error to find a way of working that the student can get to grips with.

Q: That covers the kids, but what about teaching an old dog new tricks?

A: Tricks no, drums yes! As long as you're prepared to put some time in we could probably get you grooving to tunes fairly quickly.

Q: I just want to get through the grades quickly, is that possible?

A: In short, yes. 

That said, I've always felt it's important not just to learn how to play the pieces but to try and have a real grasp on what you're playing and why.

I understand why for some students this is what they'd like to do. The exam points from Grades 6-8 provide UCAS points which are handy for university applications and I'm happy to help with exams, but I'll also try to provide a rounded understanding and skill set at the same time.

For me just to punch you through exams may be great for my statistics, but I'd rather prepare you for the challenges ahead as best as possible!

Q: Do I need a kit to start lessons?

A: You don't need a kit to start, but you'll be wanting one fairly quickly after you start learning.

A practise pad and some sticks will get you started. (I'd get a 12" pad and a pair of Vic Firth 5A drumsticks)

Q: Can I do online lessons?

A: I'm happy to do lessons online via Skype of Apple Facetime; the previous lessons I have done online have been very successful. Contact me to discuss requirements and lesson fees.



Dylan Butcher

Our son Dylan (9 years old) has been having lessons with Rob for more than a year now. With Rob’s help he has done his grade 1 and now working towards his grade 4.

You can tell drumming is more than just a job to Rob, by such things as Rob insisting he comes to the drum exam to support his pupils.

Rob is a great teacher and Dylan absolutely loves his lessons with Rob, and has progressed enormously, if you are looking for drum lessons, then Rob will be your best choice, you won’t regret it.


Michael Freebury

Well what can I say! 

Michael(10) has been having weekly lessons with Rob now for 18 months and he has gone from strength to strength. 

Rob has not only taught him how to play the songs he loves, he has also focused on the different techniques that can be used as well as learning how to read drum music. To most children this bit sounds boring but with Rob he makes it so much fun!

If you are looking for a Drum teacher look no further, Rob is your man. Inspirational, fun, motivatonal and enthusiastic. Looking forward to many more lessons in years to come.